What we can do for you

MegaGrowth Solutions Nig Ltd is set up to design, build and grow profitable businesses into the future.

Mission Statement

To catalyze business revolution in Africa by designing startups to grow and refurbish existing businesses that are not growing.


Be the No. 1 designer of businesses that grow in Africa.


Grow Businesses, Grow Ideas, Grow You


We design businesses for people, businesses that will work and grow.
You can contract us to design it for you based on what you want. Just as the architect designs a building, we design a business to grow. We have a proven system that grows businesses.

You don’t have the skills and knowledge to grow your business?
We can do that for you. MegaGrowth will design and run it for them for a percentage of equity while they also pay us our design fees

Do you want to do business, but don't trust people to do it for you? You can trust us at MegaGrowth Solutions. We help people like you design, develop and grow their businesses. We will help you start and grow your businesses for a percentage of the profit.

We exist to grow business

Design Businesses
Develop Business Turnaround
Increase Return on Investment

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